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Many bands out there are looking to increase their popularity, get more gigs, draw larger crowds and make money from their music. Its natural to find something that you like doing and try to get paid, or gain recognition from doing it. Theyve tried Myspace, Facebook, Flyers etc, etc, etc and the results are still the same, little or no gain in popularity and miles away from making real money from their music.

The problem with the band promotion ideas that many bands come up with, is that they are listening generally to their peer group. How many times have you played a gig to a handful of people, sold a couple of tee-shirts or cds and been told to “keep plugging away, youll get there”?

Truth of it is, if you keep plugging away doing the same thing without doing something different, you are generally going to be looking back at the old days wondering if you could have made it as a paid musician.

Ok, so theres the negative spin, AKA the truth – what can you do about it? You can spend some time looking at ways of doing that different thing, it will take less time than trying to design and shift that t-shirt and cd that you are desperate to get out there to the few people that you can reach using the tired old methods.

The key word you are looking for is MARKETING. Many unsigned bands are more talented than many who have made it, the only difference is marketing. If you want to be a raging success, you need to be looking at alternative ways of promoting your band, with the mind-set of an internet marketer.

You need to learn, amongst other things:

  • How to bring in fans from all over the world.
  • How to determine who your fans are, theyre not who you think they are!
  • The real way to give away “free music”
  • Why 100 fans on an email list are worth more than a million fans on myspace
  • How to set up a “Squeeze Page” that drags in targeted fans.
  • How to make the numbers game work for your band

When you have the mind-set of a marketer and can achieve the above, you dont need to rely on that one in a million chance of being found to make it in music, beg for gigs and hope for the best, because you have a laser-targeted plan to exploit the tools already out there and the avenues that other bands dont even think about.