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Common air pollutants puts kids at risk of type 2 diabetes

Air pollution is on rise these days and has already been linked to various kinds of health hazards such as heart ailments and several cancers by medical experts.

His family soon knew that he had the makings of an artist and, in 1620, when he could hardly have been more than sixteen, and may have been considerably less, he left Leyden University for the studio of a second-rate painter called Jan van Swanenburch. We have no authentic record of his progress in the studio, but it must have been rapid. He must have made friends, painted pictures, and attracted attention. At the end of three years he went to Lastmans studio in Amsterdam, returning thence to Leyden, where he took Gerard Dou as a pupil. A several years later, it is not easy to settle these dates on a satisfactory basis, he went to Amsterdam, and established himself there, because the Dutch capital was very wealthy and held many patrons of the arts, in spite of the seemingly endless war that Holland was waging with Spain.

His art remained true and sincere, he declined to make the smallest concession to what silly sitters called their taste, but he did not really know what to do with the money and commissions that flowed in upon him so freely. The best use he made of changing circumstances was to become engaged to Saskia van Uylenborch, the cousin of his great friend Hendrick van Uylenborch, the art dealer of Amsterdam. Saskia, who was destined to live for centuries, through the genius of her husband, seems to have been born in 1612, and to have become engaged to Rembrandt Van Ryn when she was twenty. The engagement followed very closely upon the patronage of Rembrandt Van Ryn by Prince Frederic Henry, the Stadtholder, who instructed the artist to paint three pictures.

  1. Saskia is enshrined in many pictures.
  2. She is seen first as a young girl, then as a woman.
  3. As a bride, in the picture now at Dresden, she sits upon her husbands knee, while he raises a big glass with his outstretched arm.
  4. Her expression here is rather shy, as if she deprecated the situation and realised that it might be misconstrued.
  5. This picture gave offence to Rembrandt Van Ryns critics, but some portraits of Saskia remained to be painted.
  6. She would seem to have aged rapidly, for after marriage her days were not long in the land.
  7. She was only thirty when she died, and looked much older.

In 1638 we find Rembrandt Van Ryn taking an action against one Albert van Loo, who had dared to call Saskia extravagant. It was, of course, still more extravagant of Rembrandt Van Ryn to waste his money on lawyers on account of a case he could not hope to win, but this thought does not seem to have troubled him. He did not reflect that it would set the gossips talking more cruelly than ever. Still full of enthusiasm for life and art, he was equally full of affection for Saskia, whose hope of raising children seemed doomed to disappointment, for in addition to losing the little Rombertus, two daughters, each named Cornelia, had died soon after birth. In 1640 Rembrandt Van Ryns mother died. Her picture remains on record with that of her husband, painted ten years before, and even the biographers of the artist do not suggest that Rembrandt Van Ryn was anything but a good son. A year later the well-beloved Saskia gave birth to the one child who survived the early years, the boy Titus. Then her health failed, and in 1642 she died, after eight years of married life that would seem to have been happy. In this year Rembrandt Van Ryn painted the famous “Night Watch,” a picture representing the company of Francis Banning Cocq, and incidentally a day scene in spite of its popular name. The work succeeded in arousing a storm of indignation, for every sitter wanted to have equal prominence in the canvas.

It may be said that after Saskias death, and the exhibition of this fine work, Rembrandt Van Ryns pleasant years came to an end. He was then somewhere between thirty-six and thirty-eight years old, he had made his mark, and enjoyed a very large measure of recognition, but henceforward, his career was destined to be a very troubled one, full of disappointment, pain, and care. Perhaps it would have been no bad thing for him if he could have gone with Saskia into the outer darkness. The world would have been poorer, but the man himself would have been spared many years that may be even the devoted labours of his studio could not redeem.

Between 1642, when Saskia died, and 1649, it is not easy to follow the progress of his life; we can only state with certainty that his difficulties increased almost as quickly as his work ripened. His connection with Hendrickje Stoffels would seem to have started about 1649, and this woman with whom he lived until her death some thirteen years later, has been abused by many biographers because she was the painters mistress.

He has left to the world some 500 or 600 pictures that are admitted to be genuine, together with the etchings and drawings to which reference has been made. He is to be seen in many galleries in the Old World and the New, for he painted his own portrait more than a score of times. So Rembrandt Van Ryn has been raised in our days to the pinnacle of fame which is his by right; the festival of his tercentenary was acknowledged by the whole civilised world as the natural utterance of joy and pride of our small country in being able to count among its children the great Rembrandt Van Ryn.

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Toffoli mantém suspensão de entrevistas de Lula na prisão

O presidente do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), Dias Toffoli, decidiu hoje (1º) manter suspensa a determinação do ministro Ricardo Lewandowski que autorizou o ex-presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva a conceder entrevistas à imprensa dentro da cela da Superintendência da Polícia Federal (PF) em Curitiba. 

Com o entendimento, é a segunda vez que uma decisão de Lewandowski, que liberava as entrevistas, é derrubada por um colega do STF. Antes do despacho de Toffoli, o ministro Luiz Fux atendeu a um pedido liminar feito pelo Partido Novo e também derrubou a autorização para que o ex-presidente possa dar entrevistas. 

A decisão do presidente vale até que a questão seja julgada no plenário da Corte e foi tomada após o ministro da Segurança Pública, Raul Jungmann, questionar qual decisão deveria ser cumprida. 

Desde 7 de abril, Lula cumpre, na capital paranaense, pena de 12 anos e um mês de prisão, imposta pelo Tribunal Regional Federal da 4ª Região (TRF4), pelos crimes de corrupção passiva e lavagem de dinheiro no caso do triplex do Guarujá (SP).

Edição: Fábio Massalli
Por André Richter – Repórter da Agência Brasil
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CNT/MDA: Bolsonaro (28,2%) e Haddad (25,2%) empatados tecnicamente

Os candidatos à presidência Fernando Haddad (PT) e Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) aparecem tecnicamente empatados de acordo com a pesquisa CNT/MDA, divulgada pela Confederação Nacional do Transporte no domingo 30. O relatório da pesquisa mostra Bolsonaro com 28,2% das intenções de voto e Haddad com 25,2%. No entanto, como a margem de erro é de 2,2 pontos percentuais, o candidato do PSL pode ficar entre 30,4 e 26% e o petista entre 27,4 e 23% das intenções de voto.

Em comparação à última pesquisa, feita de 12 a 15 de setembro, Haddad registrou crescimento de 7,6 pontos percentuais em intenções de voto – de 17,6 para 25,2 –  e Bolsonaro se manteve estagnado com 28,2%.

Ciro Gomes (PDT) aparece em terceiro lugar, tecnicamente empatado com Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB), com 9,4% e 7,3% de intenções de voto, respectivamente.

Confira como ficaram as intenções de voto em um primeiro turno:

Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) 28,2%
Fernando Haddad (PT) 25,2%
Ciro Gomes (PDT) 9,4%
Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) 7,3%
Marina Silva (Rede) 2,6%
Henrique Meirelles (MDB) 2,0%
João Amoêdo (Novo) 2,0%
Alvaro Dias (Podemos) 1,7%
Cabo Daciolo (Patriota) 0,7%
Guilherme Boulos (PSOL) 0,4%
Vera (PSTU) 0,3%
Eymael (DC) 0,1%
João Goulart Filho (PPL) 0,1%
Branco / Nulo 11,7%
Indeciso 8,3%

O levantamento foi feito entre os dias 27 e 28 de setembro, a partir de mais de 2 mil entrevistas realizada por amostragem em 137 municípios brasileiros.

Haddad e Bolsonaro são os candidatos que mais se destacam em relação a um voto definitivo do eleitorado, ambos ficam na faixa dos 80%. Já entre os que se declaram indecisos quanto ao voto à Presidência, Haddad leva vantagem de 1,8 ponto percentual em relação a Bolsonaro. 19,3% dos indecisos disseram que votariam no candidato do PT, 18,7% em Ciro Gomes (PDT) e 17,5% no candidato do PSL.

A pesquisa também simulou cenários de segundo turno, considerando a intenção de voto estimulada entre os eleitores, quando o nome dos candidatos é apresentado. Confira:

Fernando Haddad 42,7%
Jair Bolsonaro 37,3%
Branco / Nulo 16,1%
Indeciso 3,9%

Ciro Gomes 42,7%
Jair Bolsonaro 35,3%
Branco / Nulo 17,8%
Indeciso 4,2%

Jair Bolsonaro 37,0%
Geraldo Alckmin 33,6%
Branco / Nulo 25,1%
Indeciso 4,3 %

Ciro Gomes 34,0%
Fernando Haddad 33,9%
Branco / Nulo 26,9%
Indeciso 5,2%

Ciro Gomes 41,5%
Geraldo Alckmin 23,8%
Branco / Nulo 29,1%
Indeciso 5,6%

Fernando Haddad 39,8%
Geraldo Alckmin 28,5%
Branco / Nulo 26,4%
Indeciso 5,3%

Bolsonaro tem o maior índice de rejeição entre os pesquisados: 55,7% disseram que não votariam no candidato de jeito nenhum; seguido por Alckmin (52,8%), Haddad (48,3%) e Ciro Gomes (37,1%).


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Hospital Regional de Guaraí inicia projeto ‘Doar Vida’ e mobiliza doadores de sangue

No sábado 25, um grupo de 20 pessoas de Guaraí foram doar sangue no Hemocentro Regional de Araguaína.

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Durante Corrida da Tocha, Governo do Tocantins anuncia mais uma unidade do Corpo de Bombeiros no Estado

Evento ocorreu na manhã desta sexta-feira, 24, reunindo novos integrantes de Forças de Segurança, para dar início à Semana dos...

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Falta de insumos para exames preocupa hospitais no país

CNSaúde diz quadro vem se agravando nas últimas semanas.

Política2 dias atrás

Presidente sanciona com vetos lei que previa compensações de ICMS

Entre os vetos, está o que garantia mínimos em saúde e educação.

Política2 dias atrás

Carlesse recebe apoio da prefeita Josi Nunes e do vice Gleidson Nato em sua pré-candidatura ao Senado

Um dia após o julgamento na TRE que inocentou o ex-governador Mauro Carlesse, a prefeita de Gurupi, Josi Nunes, e...

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Investindo R$ 44 milhões, Governo do Tocantins autoriza início das obras de recuperação asfáltica de 117 km da TO-374

Assinatura da ordem de serviço para execução dos serviços aconteceu nesta terça-feira, 21, em Lagoa da Confusão.

Estado3 dias atrás

Câmara Municipal aprova requerimento sobre Centro de Referência de Enfrentamento à Violência contra as mulheres

Foi aprovado, no Plenário da Câmara Municipal de Araguaína, o requerimento n° 1554/22 de autoria do vereador Wilson Carvalho (PROS),...

Política3 dias atrás

Zênis de Aquino Dias, pecuarista, é cotado para ser vice na chapa de Paulo Mourão

Cotado para a candidatura a vice-governador do petista Paulo Mourão nas eleições deste ano. Em Araguaína, Zênis já foi vereador...

Política4 dias atrás

Milton Ribeiro, ex-ministro do governo Bolsonaro, foi preso em operação da PF contra irregularidades no MEC

Agentes cumprem cinco mandados de prisão e 13 de busca e apreensão nos estados de Goiás, São Paulo, Pará e...