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The World of Indian Chocolates

Chocolates have been in existence since the times of the Aztecs and Mayas. The credit of introducing them to the rest of the world goes to the Spaniards.

Eagles are counted among the birds of strength with strong talon that soars high in the sky and possess keen eyesight. The images of eagles hold an important position in history also. They appeared in various emblems of the past history in many different lands and their importance have been mentioned in different historical events of the past. For instance in Native American cultures, the free-spirited eagle are deeply profoundly honored and their feathers were also given importance. They were often given as a sign of pride, security or friendship. Even in ancient Greece eagle was worshiped as it was thought to have some association with the god Sun. You can also find the name of the eagle has been mentioned in the Norse mythology. It had some association with the god Odin, who represented wisdom.


  1. Eagle tattoos are unique in themselves and it can be also done in many different creative ways and just about anywhere on the body but still the most common area for this type of tattoo is the upper arm, followed by the shoulders, and the upper and lower back areas.
  2. Eagle tattoos whether it is with spread wings or roosting position are really eye-catching.
  3. The most important feature of eagle tattoo is its feather.
  4. So if the tattoo is done on a large area with spread wings where every details of the wing are clearly visible provides the eagle tattoo with a realistic appearance.
  5. The back is a great location for eagle tattoo with their wings fully spread as if in flight.
  6. You can also ink your back with another popular swooping pose of an eagle.
  7. This swooping poses of the eagle targeting its prey with sharp talons is really mind blowing, and of course the internet and many tattoo shops are full of images of the majestic eagle in varying poses.

Small eagle tattoos featuring only the head of the bird can be inked on the leg or armbands, or can be incorporated into another design. There are many tattoo shops and websites that will provide you with varying poses of eagle.

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