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Originating in the Spanish region of Andalucia Flamenco dancing has been traced back to the 15th Century but the word Flamenco did not become associated with this art form until the 18th Century. The origins of the word ‘Flamenco‘ are unclear but many have associated it with Romany Gypsies who settled in Andalucia and mixed with the original Moor inhabitants of the region.

The music of Southern Spain has had alot of influence from various cultures within Europe going onto form what we know we know as ‘Flamenco‘. Flamenco dancing began to emerge as a cultural and artisitc focal point of Spain in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Flamenco is typical of southern Spanish culture and there are a surprising number of elements such as a mixture of the toque, baile and cante, (guitar, dancer and song) thato together to form Flamenco this seemingly simple dance. From dresses to shoes, guitar, to singers to the type of dance many different factors need to work together to make the dance the powerful artistic masterpiece that it so often can be.

  • For many the costumes and whole outfit of the dancer will be what goes towards symbolising alot of the dance.
  • With the internet and popularity of this dance it is now possible that people can obtain their very own piece of spanish culture whether it be throught a guitar dress or shoes.
  • Added to this is the fact that these unique dresses and costumes have proved to be extremely popular items at fancy dress parties or indeed exhibitions on Spanish culture.
  • Shoes and dresses are particularly popular and these can be made to suit any individual preference or taste but they come at a price so be prepared to pay well over $100 to achieve the look that you want.

Costumes and apparel that are worn are extremely varied and interesting with many types of pattern material and sequin available. Dresses like the shoes can be purchased ready made or tailored for that special touch. In recent times though the dance has been stripped back down to its roots as ‘Flamenco nueva‘ has begun to take hold. Flamenco nuevo is a much more traditional dance with songs and music being alot more simple but passionate. Outfits and costumes used by dancers have also been simplified with shoes and dresses worn by female dancers being alot more simple and plain whilst a male accompaniment may only wear a vest top.

Despite the development spoken about within the last paragraph there is a still much of Spain and the world that embraces Flamenco with its extravagance as it has become a part of the dance that grew out of informal city ‘pena flamencas‘ into a dance witnessed on the world stage by millions. It is this growth in Flamenco that has triggered the demand for all items associated with the dance and art. Websites and online shops offer items such as clothes, shoes. guitars and music so that the individual can create their very own Flamenco experience.

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